Period Pain Relief

Period Pain Relief

Naturopathic medicine can provide immense period pain relief. The aim is to treat the pain and other symptoms, and bring back a state of balance naturally. If you do all of this, your general wellbeing will improve and you can lead a vital and active life.

  • Place a hot water bottle on your abdomen.
  • Avoid drinking cold water (straight from the fridge) for a week before and during your period.
  • Sip herb teas - chamomile, ginger, raspberry leaf and peppermint are good choices. Your naturopath will make up a more specific herbal formula in conjunction with your consultation, usually containing herbs to balance the hormonal cycle and antispasmodic herbs such as cramp bark to help relieve the cramping symptomatically.
  • Massage your abdomen - rub around your abdomen in a clockwise direction.
  • Castor oil packs can provide great relief from cramping, pain and back ache.
  • Linseed packs can also provide immense period pain relief
  • Magnesium in the form of magnesium phosphate if taken every one to two hours helps relieve cramping.
  • A warm bath may help - add some chamomile flowers (or a few teabags) and essential oils such as rosemary, juniper, geranium and lavender into the bath water.
  • Use pads instead of tampons.
  • Gently press your pressure points and increase the pressure gradually. Make sure you continue to breathe rhythmically.- Spleen 6: this point is found in a hollow that is about three finger widths above the interior anklebone.- Colon 4: found in the V between the thumb and first finger.
  • Take care with yoga postures. If they cause any discomfort or pain stop immediately. It is always best to speak to your yoga teacher if you are new to yoga. - Bow - lie on your stomach and bend your knees. Grab ankles and pull legs up towards head. Release gently and rock back and forward.- Lie on your back and bring your knees up to your chest. Hold for 10 seconds. Do both legs together and also one at a time.

You may find some of the above techniques more effective than others.

While the methods suggested above may help to relieve pain every month, naturopathic treatment offers gentle improvement every month so that eventually you should have no pain at all.

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